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Our Mission

To assist, counsel, and advocate on behalf of Small & Minority business community.

Membership Benefits

  • Be part of our Online Membership Resource Directory for small Business.
  • Create opportunities to participate in Business-to-Business Networking
  • Makes special outreach efforts to attract and serve women who are socially and/or economically dis-advantaged.
  • Provide excellent, affordable Small Business Training Network.
  • Get involved in State/Federal policy and regulation through our public policy programs.
  • Assist in Business Development and Government Contracting Opportunities programs.

Our Vision

The US India SME Council’s mission is to grow and empower the Small & Minority owned business community through Access, Education, and Opportunity.

Our Programs

  • Access to contacts.
  • Access to Federal Procruments.
  • Access to Global Markets.
  • Access to Markets

Our Sponsers / Partners

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